Heaven Has No Regrets

YA Narrative Nonfiction

The Award-winning true story of Faith and Makenzie, who weren’t just cousins, they were best friends. And no matter what life threw at them, no matter what they lost, they would always have each other . . . until sickness set in, and time became its own disease.

Hear each girl’s struggle and survival from their own point of view as flashbacks alternate chapters to tell their own story of life, love, and letting go. Walk with the Narrator as she moves through an unwanted end, to a new beginning and meet characters such as “the boy with the motorcycle,” “the girl with the dimples,” “the boy with the mohawk," and "the girl with the cross around her neck," in the Narrator’s heartbreaking five-day storyline as well as in the flashback scenes of Faith and Makenzie’s own stories. Prepare for a collision Faith, Makenzie, and the Narrator’s stories all converge to reveal hope, healing, and why Heaven has no regrets.

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The Universe Has No Regrets

Book Club Fiction

The universe doesn’t make mistakes.

Call it fate, synchronicity, or a God wink, but whatever you do—don’t call it a coincidence . . . or so Rebekah is learning.

Rebekah is a teen-mom living outside New York City raising her three-year-old son. When she met Jake three months ago in a long line at a local coffee shop, she wasn’t looking for love—but now an unwanted pregnancy with Jake threatens to disrupt her new found freedom. Jake tries to convince her that they are connected by something called ‘the red string of fate,’ a Chinese folktale that explains how everyone who is meant to meet in this life is connected by an invisible string, but Rebekah doesn’t believe in fate and questions all ties when her ex, Derrick, comes back into the picture. She turns down Jake’s romantic marriage proposal and her fear of commitment pushes him away. But then synchronicities start to happen to Rebekah that she can’t explain when strangers in the shape of a drug addict, a cheating baker, and a homeless youth all cross Rebekah’s path and influence her future. She starts believing in the red string of fate and experiencing her own signs from the universe that she and Jake are meant to be together, but she may have awoken to fate too late. Rebekah will have to do everything she can in order to get Jake back—including the one thing she swore she’d never do again.

*Available for submission and publication


Time Has No Regrets

Time Travel Romance

Twenty-three and single, Mel is tired of all the dating apps—especially Tinder. She is starved for real connection and dreams of a solo trip to somewhere she’s never been Eat-Pray-Love-style, but a small lake town in Pennsylvania is all the farther her bank account will let her roam. The lack of cell reception is troublesome but it isn’t her only problem at the lake after she dives deep into the water and discovers a large crystal pyramid with a white glowing point that transports her back to 1924.

A family living in the lake house take her in. Everett, a good-looking young professor who studied with Einstein, believes Mel’s story that she’s from the future. Together, Mel and Everett embark on a journey through time to try to get Mel back home. Mel thinks she’s finally found the love story of a lifetime with the professor, but he has a very different motive for the time travel—to go back in time and save his dead fiancé.

Timelines split as Mel seeks closure with her dead father and Everett saves his first love, but time corrects itself to cause a messy mergence. It’s a love triangle that threatens to prevent Mel from ever returning to her correct timeline. Time has no regrets, but will Mel?

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Mrs. Claus Matchmaker: Sugarplum Inn

Holiday Romance

With the rise of the feminine movement, it’s no surprise that Meri Claus is ready to step out and take Christmas into her own hands when the North Pole starts losing believers rapidly. There’s only four days until Christmas to save the dwindling number of believers and add more. She’s worked on the Holiday Board of Directors and the Cupid Committee long enough to know that love can make a believer out of anyone. So she leaves the North Pole, without even telling Mr. Claus, bound for Sugarloaf Island in the Florida Keys to find out why Sugarplum Inn which has long been a top destination for Christmas, has lost its spirit. Once she arrives, Meri discovers she’s in for the challenge of her life.

The Inn that has been known for celebrating Christmas year-round has re-marketed itself as An Escape from Christmas, and the new owner, Hector, is as grumpy as they come. Meri tries to use her Christmas Magic to create joy and wonder, but it all snowballs out of control when that same magic ends up getting Clara, the daughter of the old Inn owners, fired. The clock is ticking for Meri to turn it all around and bring Clara and Christmas back to the Inn. She starts cleaning up her messes by tackling the biggest problem of them all, Hector, by finding out the deepest secret of his heart, to reveal the real reason he banned Christmas from the Inn in the first place. With only twelve hours until Christmas Day and no magic left, Meri will have to throw the biggest Christmas Eve party ever. The employees and guests of the Sugarplum Inn are more than willing to help, but will the love of Hector’s life show up to accept his apology and help him permanently transform the Inn back into the Christmas it used to be?

*Available for submission and publication.

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Mrs. Claus Matchmaker: New York City

Holiday Romance

Book Two of the Mrs. Claus Matchmaker Series:
New York City has always been one of Meri Claus’s favorite cities to fly over, so when she hears that there is a lack of love at the 100th Annual American Toy Show in Manhattan, she makes it her next Matchmaking Affairs mission to find out why. No one knows more about the global toy industry than Head Elf Ellie, so together Meri and Ellie head undercover to the Toy Show. They discover that dozens of toy vendors and purchasers have lost the Christmas spirit, but no two are more lost than Jack, the CEO of one of the top purchasers of toys, and Charlotte, a small-town toy store owner. Jack and Charlotte have booths right next to each other, and have feuded for the last ten years over everything from shared electrical outlets to customers. Meri befriends Jack and Ellie befriends Charlotte, to discover the true reason for the conflict, which goes back to lost love and betrayal. Stuck together in a deep freeze in Manhattan, Charlotte and Jack are forced to heal old wounds, but before the sparks are fully re-lit a miscommunication builds the walls around Charlotte’s heart for good. Meri and Ellie dig deeper for the truth of this Christmas quarrel, and a surprise guest at the Toy Show reveals a secret that drastically changes the toy industry and Jack and Charlotte’s relationship forever.


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